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Day 3 - Tips & Tricks

Dog Photography - Day 3

Dogs love being outside, it’s their natural habitat.

Running through the grass, drinking from a puddle of water, peeing against every tree they encounter.

That’s doggy life. The good life.

Although you can take good pictures of your dog inside the house, the best ones are made outside, in their magical world.

My absolute favorite moment to capture pictures is when the sun is setting. It gives this magical glow and it makes the images just so beautiful!

Another trick I’d like to share, is to take picture from their perspective. It captures how they see the world.

Prepare for bad pictures

There’s a saying among photographers that only 1 out of 50 pictures is a good one. Well, I personally don’t agree with that, but there is some sense in it. Especially when taking pictures of dog.

Sometimes it can be frustrating if the model doesn’t want to stay or you just can’t seem to get the right shot.

But think of it in this way:

If you make 200 pictures and you absolutely nailed 4 of them, isn’t it worth it then? Plus, you had a great time and hopefully so did your dog.

Perhaps the biggest trick to taking stunning pictures is to ALWAYS have your camera ready.


I know, it’s very basic and simple. But the most amazing pictures are taken on the moment you don’t expect it.

Just enjoy the ride!

Reward your model

Every dog who’s been in front of your camera deserves a reward. Giving rewards keeps up their motivation and you get better results.

Obviously, dogs don’t care about money so give them something delicious instead.

It will make them happy!

Playing with a toy or giving some extra attention is often a great reward as well (and another opportunity to take some more pictures).

Don’t forget the occasional hugs and kisses so you both are reminded of how fun it is.

And yes, dog treats are an awesome tool to create amazing (and often very funny) pictures!

Don’t feed too many of them though!

Picture Angles

When shooting pictures of your dog, you should attempt to capture different angles.

One of my favorites is the ground angle. Just put your camera on the ground, close to the dog. It’s a very different perspective and it makes the most amazing images.

Experiment with the “unusual”. You’ll be surprised with the outcome.

Noises, treats, and toys are a must

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you take the good stuff with you!

If you’re planning a shoot, these are the essentials.

A simple way to generate strange noises is with your phone. There are plenty of apps and YouTube videos playing strange noises for dogs.

Also, get some VERY good treats and toys, which you only use while shooting.

Use attributes

Use different objects to make your pictures more interesting. It might be a bit tricky at first, if your dog is not used to it.

However, a lot of practice combined with a lot of treats can get you a long way.

Let your imagination go wild!

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