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Dog Epilepsy 


Seizures are caused by brain activity which is different from the usual functioning. They cause uncontrolled movements of the body which can be very mild or extremely heavy.

In severe cases, the dog may lose consciousness.

They usually last up to 5 minutes with a range of side effects coming along with them. Extreme seizures can cause organ failure and brain damage.

What can trigger a seizure in a dog?

Seizures can be caused by many medical conditions, including epilepsy, brain tumors, poisoning and low blood sugar levels. It’s important to figure out the cause, so perhaps it can be treated.

What to do when your dog has a seizure?

When the dog enters a seizure, try to protect it from any injuries. Move away furniture and sharp objects around the dog.

Remove other pets and children from the area. Some dogs may become aggressive.

Protect yourself from being bitten.

Take note of how long the seizure lasts and take a short video of the seizure, so it’s easier for the veterinarian to examine the case. If the seizure takes longer than 5 minutes, you should call the vet and follow the instructions.

You may need to go to the clinic, depending on your vet’s instructions.

Note: Never try to bring a dog out of a seizure by startling, slapping or scaring it. It won’t help! A seizure stops when it stops.

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